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No more worrying about what to post, when to post, and how to post. We've done all the heavy lifting for you!

No matter where your starting point is, we will help you grow an online presence for your practice that you're proud of and that your patients can't stop raving about.

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This comprehensive 5 step learning path will take you from social media guesser to social media Dentalfluencer!



Create a strong and attractive brand to showcase your work and values.

Get seen by thousands of people that can convert to become patients.

Share your passion for dentistry and showcase it to potential and existing patients.





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Discover Where You Are In The Instagram Success Path

No matter where your starting point is, you will be guided through our proprietary 5 step process, from Learner all the way to Dentalfluencer!

Stage 1 - Learner

You currently feel overwhelmed and confused by social media.

You feel left behind and worry that your practice is becoming dated.

You are concerned that your practice isn't the "cool" place to visit.

When you become a member, you will learn how to easily set up and run your social media in a way that sets a strong foundation to build your brand.

Stage 2 - Engager

You currently feel like you're almost invisible on Instagram.

You don't understand how to do things like tag or re-post.

You would love your practice to become more visible locally but don't know how.

With dental soiree Members Club you will feel excited about your Instagram account because local people will start to find you and talk about you!

Stage 3 - Content Creator

You are feeling frustrated with Instagram & your lack of growth.

You are exhausted trying to create new content for your brand.

You are inconsistent with your content, hashtags and captions.

With dental soiree Members Club you are going to save soooo much time and effort by learning how to create and repurpose content that builds your brand like a dream!

Stage 4 - Storyteller

You currently feel intimidated by Instagram Stories.

You would love to "go live" but the tech is holding you back.

You've heard of Boomerang but thought it was an Aussie thing!

As a member, you'll learn how to confidently show up on Instagram Stories and use this tool to share client success stories, behind the scenes updates, and more!

Stage 5 - Dentalfluencer

At stage five, you'll have a page other dental practices envy!

Start getting the likes, comments, and shares you deserve on social.

Turn your Instagram page into into a marketing machine that really brings results!

Even advanced social media users can feel more empowered and have more fun on Instagram to communicate with current and potential clients in a real, authentic way.

What's included in your membership:


30 Instagram worthy pictures, captions to stop the scroll, and hashtag bundles to get noticed!


Instagram topics and a mini course that takes you on a deep dive into one focused area.


Get 1:1 help with Dr. Jessica Emery during monthly office hours.


Access to our private Facebook community that's full of like-minded dental pros.


Take a peek at what's on the inside:


Monthly Membership

$197 per/month

(regular price $297)

  • 30 high-res images specifically for dentists, captions to stop the scroll and targeted hashtag sets to get noticed!
  • Monthly Instagram topics and a mini video course that takes you on a deep dive into one focused area.
  • Monthly office hours with Dr. Jessica  Emery.
  • One-on-one help right in your Instagram account.


  • Join our private Facebook community of like-minded dentists for even more help!
  • Many more exciting surprises and freebies along the way!

Meet Dr. Emery

I’m Dr. Jessica Emery and I am PASSIONATE about dental branding and marketing! About 13 years ago, I started my own fee-for-service dental practice in the highly saturated market of Chicago. My practice wasn't listed on dental insurance plans, so it was up to me to find my own patients.  

Over the years, I’ve learned that great branding, marketing, and a social media strategy are key to growing a successful practice on auto-pilot.

Today, I am proud to say that I ran a seven-figure practice while working less than 24 hours per week… and I want to help you do the same!

You don't have to hustle to build a successful practice.

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